Pineville, LA

Thank God steps recovery was My first experience, and I must say I would not have had it any other way. They were amazing, truly!!!! Compassionate, hands on with each individual, most understanding & professional medical staff, PERIOD. I'm in awe of myself, having been blessed to heal at such a place. And still stay in close contact with staff! ABSOLUTELY love it! I would not send or recommend my loved ones ro any other place! They are SINCERELY THE BEST at what they do!

Erica Brantley Doublet


This place is amazing. From the social worker Ms Sabrina, the director Ms Cathy, Dr Slocum, to the amazing Tech staff (Megan, Josh, Ashley, Jonathan, Camilla and many more), to the wonderful caring nurses (Vourtneu, Delaney, Latrice, and one other I am blanking on her name but she worked overnight and thru the next day-utterly amazing. Chef's kiss to the facility and the staff.

A coed program, the clients all sleep in a large house-women and men separated- and each day starts and ends with an AA meeting and a prayer with classes in between. Life stories, vision boards, letters to those in our lives we miss or feel wronged by -the program from medical needs to life skills needs is phenomenal.

Highly suggest this program for anyone looking for a welcoming, family-oriented rehabilitation center, with it's small full capacity (16 clients), this gorgeous grounds out in the sticks of Pineville is a godsend for anyone and everyone looking for the perfect rehab facility to help you save yourself so you can start truly living- not just surviving.

Caitlin Roberts


An amazing place with awesome employees. Definitely learned some tools through their loving care and experience. I went in broken ready for life to be over, and by the time for my discharge I was loving life and had a sense of purpose. Ready to face life as it happens!

Simon Labbe


This place is amazing. The staff is wonderful. They wholeheartedly care for the patients. The atmosphere is great.



The staff here from the Administrator, nursing leadership, nurses, therapists and techs all go above and beyond to help those who are truly seeking a way out. The physician understands what recovery is about and what it means to be given the absolute best chance to recover. The programming here is all directed toward recovery from the groups provided inside the facility or going out of the facility into the recovery community. STEPS has already become the premiere place to go for recovery. I personally know of so many people who have successfully gone through this program and are enjoying sobriety today.

Gene Amons


Steps is a great place to recover. The counseling is top notch and really gets to causes and conditions of the disease of addiction. The nurses are awsome and truly care for your well-being and the Techs are hands on and extremely caring and helpful.

W. Tyler Graham


Steps was life changing for me I been to other rehabs but never felt the love and support like I received there.....all the staff are good hearted people and really care about your I'm going on 4 months sober and I give alot of credit to steps for helping me get here....that place was truly a blessing to me.....I would recommend it to anybody suffering from addiction

Junior Williams


First class treatment center, the staff and counselors top notch

Jared Scott


Staff is friendly and care about residents well- being.

Cynthia Cerda


Beautiful facility and the greatest staff around!

Eric E


Lafayette, LA

My experience at Steps was life changing and for that I'm truly grateful. The staff is absolutely amazing. I really found out alot about myself and I couldn't have picked a better facility to get Sober. Thanks Steps for saving my life... I'm going to miss yall. I love yall so much! To anyone wanting to get sober and r serious about Recovery I suggest you give Steps a try I promise u won't regret it...

Cedrick Figures